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Multi Storey Building

At UCentraLA it is our goal to enable a circular usage of building materials to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment. 

Welcome to UCentraLA 


We are a true 21st-century platform to find reusable building parts near you. 

Accredited by experts, our components offer the highest quality while saving money and valuable resources for our planet. 


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Timber Panel

Remaining Lifetime: 25 years

Size: 8' x 16'

Carbon Reduction: 50%


Glass Door

Remaining Lifetime: 23 years

Size: 7' x 12'

Carbon Reduction: 20%


Brick Panel

Remaining Lifetime: 50 years

Size: 8' x 10'

Carbon Reduction: 30%

Pile of Logs
It was really easy to reduce our carbon footprint with the help of UCentraLA!

Alexa Young, CA

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750 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles

CA 90024, USA


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