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"The world is desperate for the analytical rigor of engineering with the creative potential of art & architecture..."
-John Ochsendorf
Meet Carrie


Carrie is a graduate student at Stanford University studying structural engineering. She recently graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S. in civil engineering and architecture with a minor in mathematics. Her interests in building science have led her to acquire a LEED AP BD+C certification and to found the Northeastern University Solar Decathlon team. She is a dedicated student whose experience includes creating an exhibit displayed at the Museum of Science in Boston and assisting in research for Professor Hajjar at the Laboratory for Structural Testing of Resilient and Sustainable Systems (STReSS Laboratory). Her other interests include data science and applied mathematics. 

The Cove


Below is a photograph of a performing arts education center designed in Providence, Rhode Island. The Cove is on a waterfront location and was detailed and presented as an undergraduate structural engineering capstone project with the Bayside Engineering team at Northeastern University. The project explores how organic architectural forms can be constructed using steel frames.

Photo Set 1_Exterior Rendering.jpg

T.A.M.S. stands for Temporary Apartments Made for Shelter; my goal is to create a warm and welcoming homelessness response shelter where residents can temporarily dwell if they are between homes. This will likely be a lifelong project towards which I'd like to apply the education and experience I gain over time. 

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