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architecture projects


Double House

FALL 2020

This project was initially assigned as the final task of the fundamentals of architectural representation studio. After designing plans in AutoCAD and making a SolidWorks model of the building, I transferred the plans into Revit to gain more experience with the program. 

The residence consists of two sets of overlapping ellipses, each representing a single family residence. Common spaces and circulation can be found in the center atrium. Click below to view plans and sections as well as an exploded isometric.


ARCH1120 Models


Each of these models represents a different unit of the fundamentals of architectural representation studio: (1) Spatial Awareness, (2) Free Plan, (3) Raum Plan, and (4) Thick-Thin Analysis.

Every model pictured has been hand-crafted using foam core and photographed by myself. Click to see both models of precedent structures, such as the Mueller House and the Dowell Residence, as well as models of my own design which follow the same principles.



FALL 2020

This portfolio consists only of work from the fundamental architectural representation studio and fundamental architectural design class taken at Northeastern in 2020.

The medium contains photographs of handcrafted models, oblique studies of precedent raum plans, assembled and exploded isometrics of the double house project below, and floor plans of various projects I have designed.

Click the link below to download my portfolio.


engineering projects


Ground Station

FALL 2020

Project Redshift in AeroNU is taking on the challenge of designing a motorized ground station which uses a machine algorithm to process camera footage and autonomously track the rocket in the sky. Because of this, the ground station will need to tilt up and down as well as rotate in potentially 360 degrees. This ground station also features an adjustable camera mount which can accomodate most DSLR camera sizes.


Redboard Box

FALL 2018

Designed in AutoCAD, this box was designed to hold an Arduino RedBoard and a breadboard for my Cornerstone of Engineering class. All ports and pins had to be accessible, including those on the breadboard; therefore, the box was designed to open and close using hinges, which allows for easy removal and replacement of any components.


Avionics Board


Using the Autodesk Eagle software, I designed and soldered this simple printed circuit board which uses off-the-shelf breakout sensors to detect and record the trajectory of a rocket. The rocket and payload were designed for the AerospaceNU project Competition Rocketry (now known as project Redshift) and was meant to compete in NASA's USLI competition.


Solar Savings

FALL 2018

Presented at the Museum of Science in Boston, Solar Savings was designed as an interactive exhibit for children, introducing them to the concept of passive design in architecture.

This exhibit delved into the savings associated with using passive solar roofs instead of standard roofs and insulated walls instead of standard walls. The orientation of the one-room household also affected the total savings.

sprause solar savings 1.png

Schwandbach Bridge Model

FALL 2018

In the book "The Art of Structural Design" by Peter Billington, the Schwandbach Bridge (1933), designed by Robert Maillart is mentioned. Intrigued by the geometry, I made a model in SolidWorks and 3D printed it.

The deck follows a curved path, but the arch underneath has a different plan. The inner edge of the deck cuts through the arch so that in a plan view, the two planes follow a similar line; however, on the other side of the bridge, the arch is flat-faced. Because of this, in a plan view, you see what looks to be a rectangle jutting out of the outer edge of the deck.


Magical Deserts




Exotic Urbanism




Misty Mountains




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